Over 10 years we helping companies reach their financial and branding goals. Onum is a values-driven SEO agency dedicated.

4+ years of experience as a product manager & product led growth consultant

I’ll help you Build, Scale,
& Evolve your Product

Hello. My name is “Best Product Manager”, and I have been called “Siva”

Actually, wait! I think I got that backward😅

Soooo anyway, I’m a creative product manager that helps businesses bring product ideas to reality…

We will work as a team to create something beautiful – a story that people want to listen to & products that are transformative

Together we’ll weave your vision into a product that will reach the people who need it

My Philosophy: Try to be the best at what I do.
Strategic & Tactical

Carry out effective market research, observe unique user behaviors and transform data into actionable insights that’ll deliver great results.

Prioritize & Execute

Collaborate & manage cross-functional teams towards the project goal by creating an positive environment when working together.

Curiosity & Willingness

It’s always been my passion to help solve user problems, come up with creative solutions and contribute to the business goals that matter.

Why Choose Me

Work with a Dedicated
Product Manager

Balance the needs of business, engineering and user experience to create maximum return from your digital products
Writing Technical Specs And Requirements 80%
Knowledge Of User Experience Best Practices 75%
Leadership And The Ability To Take Initiative 85%
professional team

I partner with organisations that want to launch innovative digital products quickly

I build products that are user-centric, value-focused and outcome-based. That’s because product development with me is both agile & incremental. The decisions I make throughout the product lifecycle are data-led and reflective. That way I can be sure I manage risk throughout the process. 

Siva B

Product Manager