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A Product Manager Focused on Building Tech Products

Hi! I'm Siva. Your Product Management Consultant

I Design better products, develop great brands, & create stories that stick

Understand what your customers need

Easily capture every product idea & piece of feedback from team members & customers.

Engage your customers throughout the lifecycle

Validate feature ideas. Share what's planned and celebrate what you've launched.

Align everyone around the product roadmap

They're grounded in customer feedback and tailored to each stakeholder's unique needs.

Confidently prioritize what to build next

Prioritize the product around a clear strategy informed by user insights.

StoriesWithSiva Life Purpose- Musings on Product Management
about me

My Life's Puropse

"One day, you'll leave this world behind, So live a life you will remember. I want to be remebered for the life I lived, not the money I made” how Avicii is inspiring my days…

  • The purpose of my life is to bring happiness and joy to people's lives.
  • I want to create things that uplift and inspire people, and I also want to create things that will bring a smile on people's face.
  • I help my team through trust, and I help them attain what they want because that's what they want. I'm happy because that's what I want, and I'm helping others through it.

I’ve always loved exploring the impact of technology in the world through strategic thinking,

  • As a product manager, I strive to create simple, unique, and impactful user experiences for products looking to grow the engagements, dominate the niche, and scale the business.
  • Throughout my career, I’m driven to find innovative ways to build a streamlined system that turns users to brand ambassadors.

  • And this starts with understanding how the user feels, sees, and reacts to a product. This is the favorite part of my job and I go the extra mile to get a ‘wow’ reaction.

Digital Product Innovation Consultant

Enter the next stage of digitization and innovate your product portoflio with my help

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Digital Product Manager

Let me drive multiple initiatives within your company's product development to adapt it to the permanently changing business environment

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Technical Product Owner

Balance the needs of business, engineering and user experience to create maximum return from your digital products

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best services

95% of new digital products
& 84% of digital transformations fail

Product Squad

Reach a product-market fit. Deliver features and products that your customers will use and buy.

Product Consulting
Product Managers don’t have to be full-time. I provide ad-hoc product consulting exactly when you need it.
Product Manager

Whether you need a permanent or temporary Product Manager on your team, I’m here to help.

Product Workshops
Gain quick-to-use insights with workshops concentrated on Product Research, Discovery, and Validation services.
Website Image- StoriesWithSiva
Website Image- StoriesWithSiva

What They Say About

“I work with Siva to build our product. He is a brilliant creative professional! Always a pleasure to work with as he communicates quickly and always finds ways to make our slides tell the story with elegance and quality! He always brings great energy, a great personality, and is a pleasure to work with. I would recommend him for any similar project. I am humbled to work with someone of such a high caliber with matching integrity and so committed to our mutual success. I expect to work on more related work and with Siva, a trustworthy partner, for a long time. Thank you and All the best!”

Somaneh Bouba Diemé

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